EOM Financial Report – August 2017

Out of my own curiosity and for anyone else who may be curious, I'm doing an EOM (End of the Month) Financials post series to make it clear how little it actually costs to travel the world.

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Yesterday concluded the fifth month of me embarking on my quest for world domination.

I have to say, it's weird to think I've already been gone for 5 months. While I've been having fun here and there, time hasn't flown by because of fun – it's flown by because I'm finally doing something I love: sharing my story and engaging other humans like it's my motherfuckin' job!

Because it very much is my job, and it's something I love doing. I embarked on this journey to meet and learn from as many humans as I can in an effort to connect and develop a massive network of awesome human beings.

If you read my EOM Financial Report for AprilMay, or June you'll find the format is consistent so bear with me as I repeat myself for the sake of letting anyone stumble into any given month and understand what is going on.

Out of my own curiosity and for anyone else who may be curious, I'm doing an EOM (End of the Month) Financials post series to make it clear how little it actually costs to travel the world. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough, but I'm surprised and disappointed I've never stumbled upon something similar on various travel sites, though I assume the lack of transparency and openness comes from the widespread, mindblowing discomfort associated with talking about money.

I find the topic of money fascinating, due in part to the lack of fucks I give about it in the grand scheme of things (you can always make more money, but you can never make more time). Money is a tool, and it is only a tool, but our society has managed to convince us it is the key to happiness (among many other things) in spite of all the warm, fuzzy messages about it being the opposite. Society tells us to pursue our dreams, and in the same breath tells us to get a good education so we can have a stable career so we can get good benefits so we can aim high for the goal of one day being the RICHEST PERSON IN THE RETIREMENT HOME while some unfortunate soul is tasked with changing our diapers.



Eh – no thanks.


However, money does matter, I'm not so crazy as to deny that. I need a little money to make sure I can travel for several years until I figure out what massive problem I'm going to spend the rest of my life solving. I need more money to pay off all my debt once I return to the States after identifying said problem. And I need a butt load of money to build the company to tackle said problem, hire employees to work on it, and put a roof over my head and food in my mouth.

That's thinking about money on a utilitarian level. Money is NOT the key to happiness – to me, money is a tool to engineer solutions to solve problems and ensure we survive, thrive, and are able to propagate throughout the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe.

(Whatever is beyond the universe, who knows, but I assume we'll have evolved far beyond the petty use of something like money by that time.)

When it comes to what I'm doing now, however, it's incredibly difficult to talk to people about pursuing their dreams without the inevitable "But I just can't afford it" argument coming up. Well, I'm here to make you swallow that (that's what she said). You CAN afford it, even if you have to start small (because we all have to start somewhere) so think a little harder about what's stopping you and then quit making excuses, because fear is not an excuse.


"What's on the other side of fear?"
– Jamie Foxx


First, how has my income stream developed since July?

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.33.12 PM

I deployed my Patreon page in May, allowing ANYONE to support my journey in exchange for great daily, weekly, and monthly content including access to my daily journal entries so you can see inside the head of a madman bent on world domination, exclusive monthly video updates, discussions, letters and/or postcards from anywhere in the world, and an opportunity to join me for an adventure wherever I am!

As of August 31, a little over two months since going live, the tribe has 18 (image shows 19 because one more joined after August) members pledging a total of $351, which generates a monthly income for me of $320 (Patreon takes a cut – it is a business).

We are doing fucking FANTASTIC so far, team! That $320/month is already 1/4 of the amount I need to travel indefinitely (at least in third world countries – I'm going to need more once I venture into places like Japan, Australia, Europe, etc). If you appreciate my writing and want to support my journey then take a look at my Patreon page to see which of the rewards interests you the most! You can check out the page by clicking here.


Next, what is the current state of my savings?

I mentioned in my post The Cost Of Walking Away From Life that I left the country with just under $11k USD in savings and while I thought about incorporating this running balance into my math it's too unreasonable when I'm keeping a solid portion in Coinbase, Poloniex, and various digital wallets, which fluctuate daily, so what I will do is simply state my balances at the end of the month and you can do with them as you wish.

So, as of July 30 my balances are as follows:

Capital One 360:     $2,724 USD
Cryptocurrency Balances
    Bitcoin:    Ƀ0.60 ($2,674 USD)
    Ethereum:    Ξ11.09 ($3,509 USD)
    Litecoin:    Ł2 ($146 USD)
Total:    $9,353 USD

We're still looking good on this front. With a little under $10k I can travel for a little less than a year or so on a minimalist lifestyle assuming I don't get mugged again.


How much have I spent since June?

For one, I am maintaining several subscription-based services, which you can find below with their associated monthly cost:

Kindle Unlimited $9.99 USD
Spotify $9.99 USD
Audible $14.95 USD
Headspace $12.95 USD (Daily meditation)
Elevate $3.33 (Daily education – math, spelling, reading, writing, listening, etc…)
Typepad $23.96 USD (Typepad hosts my blog)
Patreon $10.00 USD (I'm supporting creators in the community as well)

So, that's about $85 USD.


Now, categorized expenses. I'm not keeping a running tab on everything I spend money on, but the basics are easy to figure out.

Caye Caulker, Belize – 108 Belizean dollars ($54 USD, or $13/night)
Flores, Guatemala – 1,200 quetzales ($169 USD, or $11/night)
San Salvador – $0 USD (couchurfing)
Couchsurfing certainly saved me this month when it came to my expenses (at least lodging) since I didn't have to pay for lodging for the last week and a half of the month. I will certainly be striving to couchsurf as much as possible moving forward.

Bus – Flores to San Salvador – 280 quetzales ($39 USD)
Water Taxis – 30 Belizean dollars ($15 USD)

FOOD - $403 USD or $13/day
I used three different currencies this month so I'm just showing the U.S. dollar amount. This month was rough on food. Although I did fast for almost an entire week, the food in Belize was expensive and I found myself eating a lot more than usual in Flores, Guatemala, and got too comfortable spending money on food in El Salvador. By far the most I've spent per day on food so far, and I'm not happy about it. I do not want this to become a habit, and for me, personally, to help me change a habit I need to change my environment to make it conducive to my success. Do any of you feel the same way about your habits? Are you able to change habits easily without adjusting your environment and routine? Comment below and tell me about it. 

Laundry – Q60 ($8 USD)
Money lost/stolen – 400 Belize ($200 USD)
Bought lunch for local – 20 Belize ($10 USD)
Tip for Bus Driver for returning my backpack – Q140 ($20 USD)
Toiletries replenishment – $10 USD


The total of my expenses is roughly $1,013 USD.


Which brings the running total to:
April$903 USD
May$826 USD
June$628 USD
July$593 USD
August – $1,013 USD
TOTAL – $3,963 USD


So, for one month of fun in the sun and traveling around la peninsula de Yucatán with a minimalist mindset, having a psychedelic experience in millennia old Mayan ruins, two months of working & wandering around Guatemala City, a couple days spent hiking the third tallest volcano in Guatemala, a couple days of beautiful scenery and great food on Lake Atitlán, a month of peaceful solitude and fantastic street food in Guatemala City, a week long stop in on the island of Caye Caulker in Belize, two weeks in the beautiful little island town of Flores, Guatemala, all the while hopping buses & shuttles from Mexico to Guatemala City and all over Guatemala, to Belize to El Salvador, you could start traveling for under $800 USD per month, or $9,600 per year, and I haven't even started volunteering at hostels or workaway programs to cover my lodging and meals, which account for over half of my expenses!

Also, don't get mugged.


So, what's your excuse again?


Shout out to Amy Lyn Michaelis and Markiavelli Jensen for being my first Patreon Heroes, and a HUGE shout out to John Clare for being the first to join the tier of Cool Ass Motherfuckers, helping me to share my journey with all of you! Anyone who becomes one of my Patreon Heroes gets a shoutout in all future posts!

Have you ever calculated the cost of pursuing a dream? How much would it actually cost to do something you've always dreamed of doing? What would you do if money was not a concern? Comment below and tell me about it!

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